The belief that chiropractic care is the cornerstone of any comprehensive and holistic health program.  The top priority is to not only having you feel better as quickly as possible, but also having you performing at your optimal level.  I know that when your body isn't in top shape that your entire outlook on life can be affected.  When your body works the way nature intended, your spirit soars--and so do you. 


​​​The Philosophy

Dr. Jeffrey Dunn

Your Health

Please don't take chances with your health. A wellness plan that's easy to understand and follow through on is key to good health all through your life. Make chiropractic a cornerstone of that plan, and you will be well on your way to living a life that's active and free from dysfunction.


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Dr. Jeffrey E. Dunn is a licensed chiropractic physician serving Plant City and its surrounding communities.  He is committed to promoting optimal health and well-being of his patients, delivering quality healthcare in a caring, friendly environment.

Dr. Dunn began his college career with the goal of earning a degree in business.  After a life-altering accident during his sophomore year, he became increasingly interested in healthcare, specifically chiropractic care, which offered non-invasive forms of healing and preventative measures against pain.

Dr. Dunn completed his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry at the University of South Florida in 1993.  He then attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia, earning a Doctorate of Chiropractic and graduating with honors in 1997.  While there, he completed advanced training in both the Flexion-Distraction Technique specializing in lumbar spine disorders and the Sacro-Occipital Technique.
After relocating to Lakeland, Florida, he began working as an Associate Physician at DeCamp Chiropractic.  In 1999, he opened his own office, Dunn Chiropractic in Plant City, where he continues to practice today.